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Cat, head tail (Currently only in Polish)

The idea has been on my mind for a long time. I wanted to write something so simple to test my skills and I am publishing it now.
Cat, head, tail is simple game based on PIG from RS Games but with a few differences, which are described below:
First of all, die has 8 dots.
1 loses all previous points and ends the turn;
2 adds automatically to the bank, but still allows the same person to play;
7 (Cat's head), which does absolutely nothing;
8 (Cat's tail), which adds or subtracts 8 points randomly.
Only two-player mode is available, which is played on one computer, giving each other access to the keyboard.
Last version: 0.1

Mao adventure!

Last update:
You must stroke cats.
You have only 84 seconds to do it.
More information in the readme.
Happy stroking and have fun!
Last version: 0.7.
Copyright Cat 2019/2022