List maintained from 28/10/2018

28.10.2018 21:30

Server's list:
Removed informations about old SBP server.
Added RTR server info.
Changed DM to TD.
Added link to the Official "TD hosting" page.
Main menu:
Removed links to the closed "Sounds library" and the "Multiplayer games list".
Added link to the "Other sites" section.
On selected site link to the same has been not displayed
Programs list:
Slightly corrected grammar because my English it's better now.
Updated link to the nevest PLG version and information about it.
Added link to download the beta version.
Corrected code of one heading which was badly displayed.
Updated describtion of the "Speaker test".
Added link to Read me in the "Speaker test" describtion.
Updated "Social medias" app describtion.
Updated title of link to "Looping test" in hopeless version.
Corrected word in "Windows XP player" describtion.
Updated "Sample maker" describtion.
Other products:
Updated this forgodten place!
Added heading to the menu.
Added information about last "Mini stages" version.
Updated links, it can working after change addres or something similar.
Categorised things.
Small changes in descriptions.
Changed one program release date to the standard format on this page
Changed or added describtions to "Old packs".
PLS generator Website:
Updated informations about newest version and added link to download beta.
Removed outdated readme.
Removed unused contact ways.
Other sites:
Created new page.
Each subpage now has its own description and keyword. Back to info's