Git Downloader:

Git downloader is a small application which allows you to download the repositories from the GitHub. You don't need install the Git or other program.
Size of the app is wery small, it's only 6KB.
About 2 days ago I needed to download some repository from GitHub. Despite a long search I couldn't find the "Clone or download the repository" drop-down menu.
I logged in to my account, but this did not work either.
I decided to check how downloading files from GitHub works and...
I present Git Downloader, a simple application to download Git hub repositories.
Initially it was supposed to be a simple GUI, but due to lack of Visual Studio on my laptop (It's too weak to work well) I decided to create a console application, which was compiled by my friend.
How does it work?
Using it is very simple, but still needs to be explained because it is not obvious.
To download code of the Looping Tester V2 from my github:
You must enter only:
without http://github.com.
Otherwise, the application will download the corrupted file.
If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, feel free to send me email at pikselnet404@gmail.com.

Download links:

If you want download the application, click here.
I also shared the code of the application, which you can find here.
Copyright DASH 2020.