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Whats new?

New Mini load version

29 May 2024 12:31
A few changes was made on 24 feb, but i forgot to publish it here so that's biggest update for MiniLoad, because today i did more.
Here's the changelog:
Added option to batch download from the txt file. Mainly it's links.txt but you can write what do you want in the specified field.
Fixed no changing main window title after downloading.
Bug which disallow download links longer than the 64 characters which causes problems when you tried to download something from certain sites like Facebook or Youtube playlists has been fixed.
Probably fixed obiects list on window to allow use this program by the sighted people.
App's itself 32bit but i discovered that i added 64 version of YT DLP. Why the hell i not checked it? From now on you can run it on any computer.
Completely redesigned look.

Some new apps

30 April 2024 13:45
Hey, it's me after long time.
It's bad with me, so I very often forget to even publish my apps which i written.
But so here's the update.
Added Samsung DTMF player (Just small thing in BGT when i was really bored) and Tail ring maker (It creates M4R files) to the Programs subsite.
Also added script which speeds up adding admins in the Airpuck game and Crazy party minigames comparer (It allow you to save all names of your unfinished minigames) to Other products subsite.
I forgot to publish some of these scripts and know that i have more unpublished things on my hdd, but it will come in another time. Some of them must be rewritten (I mean remove vulgar language and describe some things.)

Mini load 0.5 released

21 February 2024 09:39
After 2 years, a new version of Miniload has been released. I back to this small thing because some people was interested in to see new version with some improvements, so sure! Here's the changelog.
Attached the newest YT dlp version for this moment.
Checking for YT DLP updates when app is loading.
No longer cluttering the file name with the downloaded file id.
From now on downloaded files will be saved to the Downloads subfolder in the app directory.

Soft programmers is back!

12 February 2024 20:33
Soft programmers is back under new address. All things linked to the such website work again. Wisit sp.tdprograms.ovh.
Also contact form works again.

New rtr server address

09 February 2024 07:15
The RTR server back again after 2 months of break under new address. ogon.ovh.

Cat, head, tail now also in English

03 January 2024 04:59
I came back to this piece of small dice game which Was written in bgt in early 2022 only to test my skills, check whether I remember and, if so, how much the BGT language syntags, and do something when i was really bored.
It was only in Polish language because i didn't needed making it powerfull what ever. For me it was just a little project to spend some time and have fun during coding it.
Why i decided to translate it's in to English?
A lot of people during this year asked me What's it, when it will be in english, whether I plan to translate and said that's a cool concept, so here you are. Here's the small Cat, head, tail game.

Some apps

24 Nowember 2023 05:00
Update after a long long time, the longest on this website i thing. More than a half a year without any info from me here.
A lot of things happened, it's not necessary to tell everything which was changed in my life during this half of year, but when i say that and for the first few months, time fled too quickly, and I dreamed that a day had more than 24 hours should be enough. The rest is silence.
It not mean that i stopped writing small useful (Or NOT) scripts but i forgot to post some of them so there's an update:
Added new category called Small scripts. There will be some things which adding to the Apps subsite and writing describtion etc would be form over substance.
Added some small apps:
Newest YT DLP patch for Pontes media downloader 2;
Daily water intake calculator;
NVDA Remover;
Set Media player classic (MPC-HC) as default audio file player

Website changes

10 May 2023 15:15
After a 6 years title has been changed.
Added Mastodon accound to the menu which i know that must be completely redesigned at some day but i'm too lazy to recode it.
At few subsites menu showed last links in another sort than on home. It's fixed now. All links shows in the same order.
All links refer now to https. Some parts of this website continually remember 2017 but in last weeks has been sligtly updated.
No more meta refresh for the site contains Polish programs. From now on finally menu links directly to the external address not slash pl then slash pl redirect there. Really i need a year to fix it?
HM, maybe i adhere the same principle as when i making apps? It doesn't matter how, it's important that it works. :D
Despite this i finally changed it and can remove old catalogue from the server. I don't like unnecessary files on... Everywhere when i have access to.
Also i slightly redacted some grammar mistakes on main page.

Contact form finally working again

04 May 2023 00:05
Ah! 2 years later? But yep, the contact form working again.
I said "I will solve the problem as soon as i can." and finally solwed :D.
Polish proverb: "Better late than never."
Also added Mastodon to the contact list.

Filelister reuploaded

19 April 2023 09:25
I reuploaded the program, now in zip file. It's fully recompiled just in case.
Again sorry for inconveniences.

IMPORTANT! Notice about FileLister security

18 April 2023 14:45, updated on 16:50
As i promised, i updated the post.
File lister, specifically the installer which was available for download here, has been flagged as a virus by many antiviruses.
The file for the updater seems to be clean, but I recommend make a complete scan of your computers if you updated the version to 0.5 by updater.
If you have downloaded and run an executable from a site not through an updater in recent months be sure to do a full scan.
I don't know what happened. 32 out of 70 antiviruses on "Virus total" website reporting danger.
Click here to check the statistics of setup which was here to know what threat you could have received.
It's the unpacker file, program file was completely clean.
Here's the statistics about the file which could be downloaded by updater. It seems clean due to a some false positives which was generated when you use something like executable unzipper. I used WinRar to make it.
The size of two files was the same but who knows?
Currently filelister is in zip file, and it's completely clean.
I really feel bad about this incident. :( I always take care of my computer security and security of end user side when compiling my apps. I also reinstalling Windows time to time and not launching any untrusted things so i don't know what happened here. Maybe something in backup?
Uh, finally... Don't be afrait, Other apps is completely clean, i checked all. File lister is from now on in a zip file.
PS: To all who ignored the Antivirus warnings and launched probably infected installer:
1. Remember. Always check everything before launch. If you get some report about app can b probably infected, check the report, read in Internet about Viruss id and you can use Virus total website mentioned abowe. Here you can scan a file by a lot of antimalware programs, then decide to launch or not launch the app.
2. I'm slightly sad that noone informed me about it except one user. But i'm happy that some of you checked the installer on Virustotal. When i tried upload it to make a scan i saw that last checks was few days or months ago so i'm glad.
3. I hope that you will not be discouraged from using my programs and I will not lose my reputation in your eyes.

PLS Generator2.2 awailable

15 April 2023 17:05
A new PLG version is awailable to download.
Here's changes:
Bug which causing no resave option after selecting save file to pls format, has been fixed.
A bug that prevented url addresses longer than 64 characters from being saved has been corrected.
Removed My radio streams folder Because when you save the file, you choose your own location anyway.
Removed unused hspda.dll library which was added when we planned to add PLG settings module and other unnecessary files. Besides the code is really mess up and need optimisation, but i'm too lazy to do it. But program work so hm, why do something more?

New site address

19 January 2023 16:47
Because of domain operator incompetences i decided to buy a new domain. From now on site is awailable on https://tdprograms.ovh.
No more unnecessary breaks in accessing the website.

Reorganised Other things subsite

09 January 2023 00:05
Fixed some grammar mistakes and sorted lists. I thinking about remove the AAC stages section which contains only two stages and move links to section named Things for games.

New list contains Crazy party Strengths and Weaknesses

06 January 2023 19:55
The best list which was on BSG isn't updated since some time, because some of the strengths and weaknesses was changed few CP versions ago so we (Me and AXM) decided to recreate it from scratch with slightly differend ideas.
When we play, we like to fastly checking effectiveness but the main game file which you can generate in the options isn't tidy as possible so we decided to prepare it in to HTML with lists and headings.
If you as me needed something to fastly searching information about types, got it! We hope this will make it easier to play quickly.
You can find the list on the Other proiects subsite or you can remember the address: tdprograms.tk/cp.

New version of Temp cleaner

10 December 2022 23:11
Here's the new version of Temp cleaner:
What's new?
Added ProgramData temp folder and option to clean all;
Code optimisation.

Site contains Polish Programs works again

24 Nowember 2022 23:49
After a long time you can download again some of programs written in Polish. I forgotted to change link to the site which has been slightly rewrited and reuploaded as a subsite of pixeldash.pl in May 2022.

Temp cleaner, clean temp folders in a few seconds

26 August 2022 09:05
I started working on it in 2020 but forgot about this proiect for more than year. Now looked at codes and finished it.
App dedicated to not advanced users who want to free up disk space. Microsoft disk cleaner don't removing all files from tmp so it's better option.
Known issue:
If you don't open the C:WindowsTemp folder yourself the first time, the program will not have permission to clear it.
This must be done from the Run window (Windows+R) "C:\Windows\Temp". In the next version of the application, it will be easier, there will be a option to do it without entering anything.
Also in the next version option to clean up all by one click will be available.
Finally i will slightly fix the visual mode in 1.1.
If you have ideas to more folders i can add it.
You can download it from the programs subsite.

TD programs back online

25 August 2022 07:15
TD programs back online under previous original address.
From now on with https. :)

File lister 0.5

22 August 2022 09:11
File lister V0.5 is now awailable to download.
Version 0.5 was supposed to include a new subfolder listing, but this is in the future because i was focused on fixing all bugs which i saw.
Fixed a bug which causing that listing from addresses longer than 64 characters failed.
From now on list saving in the Documents folder. :) Never again changing the date of folder from which we want make a list.
Fixed window title when dialog about the completion of the listing appears, now displaying correct information than changing options or something like that.
Removed one click listing and slightly rebuilded the first steps of advanced list creator from now on, it's defauld. If you want One click listing mode, download File lister lite, app without updater, so you don't need move all program files to the listed folder.

Mass filename changer V0.2A

13 May 2022 00:19
Fixed a bug withchanging only first file from the folder, and also bug which caused application's loop when user decided to don't do more changes than 2 in the same folder.

Whats new under a new address

09 May 2022 09:45
On 09.05.2022 old addres (infos) has been changed to new, (news) because it's more grammatical and easier.
Also finally removed servers.html Which redirected to an address without the html suffix from a long long time because i was too lazy to change it in the menu.

New version of Mass filename changer

09 May 2022 09:25
Yesterday i released new (0.2) version of Mass filename changer and here's some info about new function which i added.
A lot of times I wanted to change some parts of the filenames EG. In file 01-test-file-30291 I wanted to replace minuses with spaces, and delete unnecessary digits. To do this I had to run the program 2 times. First operation to delete all digits, second to replace minus signs with spaces. Now it can be done in one time without pasting the folder path.
It was tirrying because i sometimes copied some parts of filenames which i want to replace and after that i must again copy folder addres, again copy another fragments of name etc etc again and again.
So from now on, after changing the filenames program asks you about performing more changes in the same folder :).

Small website update

24 April 2022 18:59
I corrected menu in Server's list and slightly corrected headings and copyright, all's now is standardised.

Easter updates!

17 April 2022 23:55
I'm happy to announce an easter updates!
I did some things which's listed below:
Mao adventure 0.7,
New game: Cat, head tail,
And after 5 or 6 years... Mini stages V 1.0 :D.
What's new in Mao adventure?
Fixed timers (Now you can stand in main menu as long as you want);
Speakers test sounds slightly better :);
Added Chinese screenreaders support (by clipboard);
Added changing music volume in the Mao songs player and in the game (More in the shortcuts section);
Repaired bug with new cat purring when you strooked the previous;
Added screenreader selection settings.
Made another small bugfixes.
In the near future scoreboard finally will be added.

Mass filename changer is now awailable

15 February 2022 18:55
I released simple vbs script to rename or delete some unnecessary characters from the multiple files in selected directory called Mass filename changer.
To download it open the programs subpage.

Mini load V0.4 awailable

04 January 2022 09:01
I released new version of Mini load which contains some fixes.
Taken from the change log:
Repaired bug with not downloading the orginal format in some cases.
Also fixed bug which causing converting the playlist when you decided to not convert it.
Thanks to Rolab for reporting all bugs which was fixed in this version.
To download it open the Programs subpage.

Td programs back online

03 January 2022 22:57
Main domain is back online, so i removed the backup on the soft programmers to get more free space.
All things which was posted on the main domain will works :). If not, contact me via Twitter or the email address.

M downloader has been replaced by MiniLoad

07 October 2021 17:45
Old bgt app has been replaced. I created first version of new downloader in the shool in 2019 due to I wanted to download files on a slow netbook on which other programs work very slow. I wanted a simple gui so I did it.
I tried publish it on 29 July because i fixed all bugs and added new options but because of other work, I forgot do it and today I fixed more bugs.

File lister V0.4.1 is available

08 August 2021 07:01
New version of File lister is available to download.
Fixed bug which causes the missing txt file name and did not use the default name when user select "Advanced list creator" to change other parameters than FileName.

PLS generator 2.1

05 August 2021 06:05
A new version of the PLS generator application has been released.
Here's the changes:
Readded possibility to launch created file which was added in 1.5.
Added "Back" button on the first step after you click "Generate stream file".
Fixed bug which caused the option to select the extension of the saved file to appear next to the option to re-save after cancelling the save operation by pressing the escape key.
Changed mail and link to the bug reporting system.
Added a possibility to save created file in another format or under another name.
To download go to the our programs section.

Speaker test and DTMF player has been updated

04 August 2021 05:35
On 31.07.2021 we (Soft programmers) updated the Speaker test app.
Added 5.1 Suround testing as requested by users.
From now on, the application is playing the left/right test on startup.
I also updated the DTMF player Despite information that updates are not expected.
I added forgotten Star and Pound DTMF and rewritten the application to C# due to false positives and it reduced the application size from 340kb to 92kb.
I will remove bgt apps from my site by revritting them. I started this proces 2 years ago. :)

Tail checker is awailable

12 July 2021 17:25
When i visited ag forum, i saw the thread about searching the online spellchecker.
A few years ago, for my own convenience, I created a little script that allows me to spell check the texts using the browser's dictionary.
Few months later i published it on my Polish website And Some years later i released new version where i described the script usage.
When I saw the thread I decided to make it available here with English interface. Besides, I added the possibility of downloading the file to disk in order to use it offline.

Other websites open's in a new tab

17 May 2021 12:01
From now on, any other website in the "Other websites" category opens in a new tab.

FileLister again

15 April 2021 18:50
New update is awailable:
Changed the configuration wizard to the easier and faster usage in the advanced mode.
Added ability to list the files from the other folder without restarting the program

FileLister has been updated

03 April 2021 18:11
Small gift to the Easter.
Added advanced mode, folder selection and the updater.

Contact and servers list

22 February 2021 18:05
I added the contact form promised on the website and restored the list of hosted servers

Git Downloader

29 October 2020 17:55
New program!
About 2 days ago I needed to download some repository from GitHub. Despite a long search I couldn't find the "Clone or download the repository" drop-down menu.
I decided to check how downloading files from GitHub works and...
I present Git Downloader, a simple application to download repositories from GitHub.
If you want download the application, wisit the Programs subsite.
I also shared a code of the application on my Source codes index.

Update after a long time again

13 October 2020 21:15
In this year the website was updated only 3 times, but I didn't give up my projects and I was constantly creating new things.
While organizing folders with my simple applications I found some unpublished ones, which I will also share here.
Together with Nuno, we have improved the grammar on this page, but without correcting news subsite;
Cleaning subpage containing links to other sites (deletion of obsolete or useless sites);
Link to Multiple TT opener script no longer appeals to the Dropbox;
Added app called Pages source copier in version 1.1 from 30.07.2018;
Updated link to the newest version of the Looping test application from 2.0 to 2.1 from 25.03.2019;
Added link to the Fast ip checker application from 12.01.2020;
Added FileLister application in version 0.2 from 10.10.2020;
13.10.2020 I updated 2Cats theme for HTMLY CMS to the 0.2A version due to some changes which i wanted to add on my RStreams site.
Since the creation of subpage which contains not supported applications the links did not work displaying 404. I fixed it, sorry for the long time :D.
I standardized the news names by adding forgotten dots and deleting the colons

Page updates.

22 June 2020 09:01
Finally, the home page is not just a menu.
Unnecessary Podcasts subsite has been removed.
Other sites category: Repaired broken link to the RStreams database and removed not updated Easy Teamtalk download section.

Mao adventure 0.6(Final BGT version).

30 March 2020 08:15
New probably last BGT version of the Mao adventure game has been released after a long time.
I finished work on this version in October 2019 but i forgot to publish it.
You can find it on the games subpage.
I currently working on few programs.

PLS generator 2.0 has been finally released!

20 March 2020 02:15
After a long time stable 2.0 version of the PLS generator has been released.
You can download it on the Soft programmers website or from my programs list.

Blank files generator1.1 has been released.

20 July 2019 14:06
I rewrited Blank files generator in HSP.
You can download it from the programs section.
Whats new?
App is in one exe file, you don't must unpack something;
Removed unnecessary options (User must enter file name and file type).
In the future, i plans to add generator switching from the context menu.

Page changes.

20 July 2019 14:04
Removed sound destroyer, because this app is stupid;
Updated informations about PLS generator.

PLS generator new beta.

12 April 2019 19:21
Soft programmers released new PLG beta version. Mainly bugfixes.
To download it, please use updater from beta2 or go to the programs subpage.

New version of PLS Generator has been released.

25 March 2019 10:45
Some will think: "Oh yea! New public beta!".
No. It's not beta and it's not stable 2.0version.
I released version 1.5 with bugfixes and 2 new features. Complete changelog below:
"After selecting the option to create a new file, the program does not have to be restarted.
Program asking to open the file after the creation.
Added M3U generator based on the very initial version of the PLG2.0 code. It may be bugged, but I will not correct it. I found it, and I added fulfilling the promise of m3u support.
Fixed problem with Linux version downloading .
Removed unnecessary files folder."
I Thought it Was worth fixing bugs and improving the program for people wanting to stay with stable versions of the applications, and did it.

Updated list of other sites.

16 March 2019 06:15
Corrected old 2dp repo link;
Removed adventure ad C closed repository;
Pixeldash.pl repositories have header;
Added 3 new sites.

Soft theme has beenreleased.

16 March 2019 05:37
It's theme for the Pluck CMS.
Also i corrected link to the Beatstar old packs archive.

Looping test revrite has been released.

11 March 2019 20:57
This small application can be usefull for dewelopers to check whether the music is correctly looping.
It has been rewrited to HSP. First hopeless BGT wersion is also available.

Mao adventure 0.4 has been released.

22 February 2019 18:05
Hi everyone.
I released new version of the Mao adventure game.
Added eg. support for NVDA screanreader.
Repered bugs.
You can download the newest version on the games subpage.

New version of Mao adventure.

21 February 2019 07:55
New version of this game, is now available in the games subpage.
If you have other things about what i can add to the next version feel free to send email to me. You can find my mail in the contact subpage. :)
What next?
In version 0.4, i will add posting your scores to the Twitter, autoupdater and try Change the method of saving files so that it does not overwrite the current content.
Happy strooking the small cats!

Late gifts.

02 January 2019 09:55
Hi all!
Late mary christmas and happy new year.
I have 2 small gifts for you.
2 Cats theme to HTMLY CMS and minigame called "Mao adventure".
For more informations, wisit the games and other products pages.
Oh! I forgot. Soft programmers released new public beta of PLS Generator 2.0.

Big page updates.

28 October 2018 21:25
Greetings after 4 months.
In the near future you can expect new apps versions.
I currently have the motivation to programming.
In the last 4 months i only worked at new wersion of PLS generator rewrited to HSP.
I shared first beta version on Twitter on 16.10.2018.
Today, i sharing it on this page.
In this day I came with updated page.
If you want you can check the Changes
Why i posted link? Because it's over 1000 characters.

I'm back again with new thinks.

04 July 2018 17:27
Hi all.
I'm back to working on programs. :)
What's new?
Added information of my back.
Added servers list's link to the menu.
Added new aps versions and new script for Linux.
Updated contact page added support E-mail.
Soon i wil add page contains my other web's in the internet.
I wish you a good day!

Started working on downloader with Youtube DL.

06 March 2018 05:37
I started working on media downloader using youtube-dl called M downloader.
It's not wery good application because i'm week programmer.
I maded first experimental version saving only defauld media type for example mp4 to videos uploaded in mp4.
It's my reply to SSL C600 error.
My downloader adding prefix --no-check-certificate.
You can add this prefix to other downloaders for example pontes media downloader if you can't download videos from youtube.
If you want' you can check first test version.
You can join to the beta testers. Please send request to dash@nvps.pl.
Program existing in the apps category.

Program's updates.

08 February 2018 18:35
It's first post in new year 2018.
Sorry for long time with no updates and my absence.
I have various private problems and in the last 2 months I did not think much about programming.
I with friends published 2 updates on 24 december 2017. New version of PLS generator and Polish program Free chat.
On 3 January 2018 i published bug fixes version of Free chatting and after this action i finally stopped publishing new versions of apps or new apps.
My sound library not working, i will respawn it in next time, sorry for inconvenience.
I'm back to mading that 3 days ago with Nuno.
He's show a HSP language to me.
Programs wroted in this language is accessibility to blind and sighted peoples.
I rewrited Speaker test to this language and wil publish version 2.0.

Page and programs updates.

15 November 2017 06:46
Hi all!
I maded few changes!
Firstly, i changed headers to easy exploring. 1 is main menu, 2 is other menus and 3 is products, informations etc.
i added 2 new programs to the list.
Pasted link to Polish website contains programs wroted in Polish language.
Several people were sad that they no longer have my index of sc and asking me to create that.
In this day, my SC index has back after 8 months! You can using codes, to learn programming! Pasted only easy codes.
Corrected dates informations.

Little update.

03 Nowember 2017 07:37
Hi all!
I slightly redesigned page!
I changed list of applications and other proiects.
Applications and other products has sorted by last update date.
I changed wronk month name in info pasted on 26.10.2017.
Normalised dates.

Page has back.

26 October 2017 18:58
Hi everyone!
In this night page has officially back!
All peoples can wisiting and downloading my apps!

New version of Mini stages!

17 September 2017 11:05
I have good information!
I maded new version of Mini stages.
I started making this product in 2015 with team called Mp Games.
In this day, i released new version of that. I corrected english grammar and maded other things.
You can download this stage in "Other programs" section.

New program!

15 September 2017 21:20
Hi all!
I released new application called speaker test!
It's very easy to use.
More info on programs page.

New version of Trap maker and Social medias has been released!

24 August 2017 21:15
Hello all!
I'm back and i presents new versions of my applications!
New socials in the social medias app and changes in readme in Trap maker.

I'm officially back to programming!

17 August 2017 16:53
Hello world! Welcome back! I'm started working on all proiects. Please wait to new apps, games and other stuff.

New category on my page!

15 June 2017 05:00
Hi all!
In this day, i recorded my first english podcast!
I uploaded it to the new category, i occassionally recording a podcasts in Polish language, it's first podcast in English. I will recording new podcastt in English and uploading to this category.
In this month i will create a newsletter. In my newsletter i will posting informations of updates on the page.

New version of Trap maker!

29 May 2017 07:02
Hello all!
New version of Trap maker has be en released.
Added readme in Romanian language, you can see readme in english pressing f1.
Newest version is 1.4.
Where is 1.3? 1.3 is a not published to all beta version. My all testers no reporting bugs in this and i released 1.4.
Have fun!

New update after a long time!

10 May 2017 19:07
Hi all visitors!
I updated a names of links for example infoen to infos.
I removed not working or unsupported options.
I finally reper all bugs in the page!
I creating my first game in bgt called The walking game. It is in unpublic beta versions. Newest version is 0.3Unpublic beta.
Please vait to public versions of this game :).

New version of Trap maker!

22 March 2017 12:59
It's true, i released a new version of this program!
Program havent updates in a long time, and i create new version of this in this day! It is in a public beta.

New big update!

19 March 2017 13:01
Hello all wisitors!
I added a link to my twitter, contact page and? Wery good big multi players audio games list!
You known other audio games? Please send e-mail to me!
More informations on page.
Have fun witch new category!

Page has back!

18 March 2017 03:33
Hello all visitors!
Sorry for not available page in yesterdays.
Page get up in 15 PM, after of this hour you can downloading files and can't look ad categories etc.
I fixed this problem and page officially back!
Have fun!
I repering a users relation with me! You can get my small gifts pack! To get it, please contact with me on email.

Big update!

13 March 2017 05:07
Hello all!
I updated page!
I added a old program in a programs category and new or old products in other category.
I removed a link to source codes index.


10 March 2017 11:05
Hello everyone!
I addd a new application and two categories in to the page.
You can using a sounds to making games, applications, recordings etc. Please add information of author. Dash http://tdprograms.tk.
Have fun witch new products!

The charm stage has released!

04 March 2017 09:47
I using a charm program of Dragon apps and created this stage to adventure ad c using sounds of soundpack this program.
Have fun and vait to new versions!
Stage has located on the other products page.

Edited page!

03 March 2017 20:27
I updated page, added lists and remove not vorking options back to language page.

New version of social medias!

28 February 2017 22:07
I added a new community, any audio and finally translate application to english language.

Official page start, the page is complete.

23 February 2017 14:57
Velcome in the dash programs, my new official page!
I succesfully complete this page in this moment!
You can looking to my all products in English language.
In friday i starting working on polish page.
Have fun!


23 February 2017 06:41
I get new domain and wrote this small page to publishing my new programs.
You can downloading and using my apps!
Thank you to visit
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